White Wedding Dress


The color of today's wedding dress is white, but in the old days, it seemed that there were various colors.
But in 1840, Queen Victoria of England put on a white dress at a wedding ceremony, and it became popular among the general public.
It made me smile a little, knowing that white wedding dresses were in vogue because of the public's longing for the royal family.

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This window seems to have had a screen of chicken wire at one time.
Now that screen is rusting and falling.
It used to be a practical product, but now it feels like it has been sublimated into abstract art.

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A Lonely Payphone


There used to be another payphone here.
But it seems to have been removed leaving its stand.
The number of payphones is decreasing, and it can not be helped considering the spread of mobile phones.
I do not remember when I last used a payphone, but it was probably more than 10 years ago.

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The True Sports Car


The Lexus LFA is a genuine supercar made by Toyota.
When I was driving in Toyota City, I have seen a gallant figure echoing impressive exhaust noise.
By the way, the Lexus LFA's engine is made by Yamaha, as is the case with the old treasure, Toyota 2000 GT.
Toyota is good at producing sports cars in collaboration with other motor companies.
The Toyota 86 is with the Subaru, and the new Supra coming soon is a collaboration with the BMW.

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A Yelling Man


What is this guy screaming out loud?
When I look at his expression, he does not look so happy.
He does not seem to be angry either.
His eyes looked a bit sorrowful.

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A Dancing Dog


Humans are animals that can dance.
But can dogs dance?
I think they do similar action to that, but I think they can not dance with the music.
Not only dogs but also primates that are similar to humans can not dance, I suspect.
If so, dancing is undoubtedly one of the distinctive behaviors of human beings.

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An Ivy Watcher


Behind ivy, you can see a woman wearing a hat and having a cheek cane.
It could happen that she seems to look at this ivy.
But that's just the arbitrary preconception of me who took this photograph.
It was just the LP jacket that happened to be put behind the ivy.

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Idyllic Pasture In Early Spring


Ponies and sheep are grazing in the pasture.
The trees behind them were still winter, but the sunshine was warm enough.
The harsh winter was no longer seen, and the light of spring was overflowing.

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An Old Knot At Atsuta Shrine


Do you know how to call this knot?
It is said to call it an "Agemaki Musubi" or a "Swastika Knot", and it is a kind of decorative knot that has been used since ancient times.
It is a knot that was conceived from the Mizura, which is the hairstyle of the ancient men, and it seems to be very old to be seen in the mural paintings of Takamatsuzuka Kofun.

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The floor made of solid wood is beautiful.
Because it is made of natural wood, it is full of warm atmosphere and there is no same pattern.
Although processing takes time and effort, surprisingly, I heard it is low-maintenance.
We do not need waxing and we can clean it with water.
In exchange, the floor made of plywood is high-maintenance and needs periodic waxing.

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I love photographs carved by subtle light and shadows.